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Until the end of November, you can purchase this unique set of 5 bottles at a special price.


The Red Collection - 40 Years Old

The Red Collection - 50 Years Old

The Red Collection - 71 Years Old

The Red Collection - 74 Years Old

The Red Collection - 78 Years Old

The Macallan Red Collection reflects deep respect for time, tradition and craftsmanship. The distinctive colour celebrates the rich range of reds present naturally in The Macallan—in every step of the process.

These peerless single malt whiskies have slowly matured over many extraordinary decades under the watchful eye of generations of whisky makers, until they have reached the perfect moment of maturation. The ‘new make’ spirit from The Macallan’s small copper stills was laid down in hand-picked oak casks and left to mature from forty to seventy-eight years.

During these decades of slumber, the carefully selected wood shaped the unique character of the whisky delivering the natural colour, distinctive aromas and full flavours of these aged single malts.

€370,000.00 Regular Price
€333,000.00Sale Price
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