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Decanter - Crystal

Strength - 46,1% Vol.

Bottle № 49

Number of bottles - 54

Experts have long considered Mortlach 'Top Class'. Released under the 'Generations' range, the cask containing the Mortlach 70 Years Old passed through three generations of the Urquhart family before the decision was taken to finally bottle its precious contents. Just 54 full-size decanters were yielded from the cask.


On October 15th, 1938 a first fill sherry hogshead, cask number 2656, was filled at the Mortlach distillery in Dufftown. In spectacular tribute and to celebrate this whisky’s 70th birthday, it was decanted into 54 70cl bottles and 162 20 cl bottles. This history-making botting was done under the Gordon & MacPhail Generations line. The idea behind ‘Generations’ is to release whisky laid down by one generation and bottled by its successor. In the case of the Mortlach 70, this whisky actually spans three generations. Managing directors of Gordon & MacPhail - David and Mike Urker - very proud of the result, saying that "this whiskey is unique and embodies the values of our family, built on generations of experience in the creation of single malt whisky."


Mortlach 70 Years Old - it's delicious whisky impeccable maturity, officially recognized the oldest bottled single malt whisky. One would expect the world’s oldest single malt (at the time) to taste like an oak stave, but as Michael Urquhart of G&M puts it, this Mortlach is 70 years young! It is as vibrant and fruity as whiskies decades younger, with a sweet nose that shows no hints of oak. The notes are orange peel, maraschino cherries, and a touch of peach. The taste is full of fruit, marzipan, and delicate floral notes, and I could taste the finish literally 10 minutes later. Truly one of the world’s great whiskies!

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