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Decanter - Baccarat

Strength - 41,3% Vol.

Meukow Nec Plus Ultra - majestic and legendary cognac, which is a valuable legacy of years of experience the company MEUKAM. For its production were used the best cognac spirits, past aging in oak barrels for over 80 years. Cognac, revealing the splendor and perfection of the oldest spirits in the region of Grand Champagne, bottled in an exclusive crystal decanters Baccarat, which are worthy of the unique design of the beverage.

In 1862, the brothers Christophe and August Gustav MEUKAM by counsel Alexander II founded the cognac house Meukow, which quickly gained a good reputation. Particularly well-established trade relations with Russia and Scandinavia. After the 1st World War, the company became the property of the family Shepherd, from this time cognac MEUKAM began exporting worldwide. In the mid-20th century the company became the official supplier Meukow the White House and the House of Lords. In 1979, the production bought Michael Coast, whose son, Philippe Coste is the current head of the company. For making the best use of cognac spirits from all six sub-regions located around the town of Cognac, making the drink gets the perfect balance and harmony. The wine from its own vineyards in two alambikah distilled, extract of cognac takes place in Limousin oak barrels. Preference is given to grape variety Ugni Blanc. Cognac Meukow - is the embodiment of harmony and high quality, it is bottled in elegant bottles with a picture of a panther that symbolizes the qualities of cognac MEUKAM - strength and softness.

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