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Decanter - Baccarat

Strength - 40% Vol.

Bottle № M37

The Talent de Thomas Hine Hors d'Age Cognac is not just a Cognac, it's an experience. The hors d’age age classification here is an understatement; while it means the youngest eaux-de-vie in this blend are at least 30 years old, we know that some of the older components date back to the 19th Century. Exclusively made of Ugni Blanc grapes of the Grande Champagne Premier Cru appellation, this Cognac is not just about appearances - it is the very essence of quality. The Hine family have been putting down casks for this blend for over a century, allowing their high humidity cellars to facilitate a slow maturation process. Safe behind no less than two locks, the keys to these casks have been handed down the generations until Bernard Hine finally chose to present the result. And what a result!

The inspiration for the name of this Cognac comes, of course, from Thomas Hine himself. At the age of sixteen, Thomas travelled from his native Dorset to France, hoping to learn the art of making eau-de-vie. After years of travelling and working across various wine-growing regions, he eventually settled in Jarnac to work as a clerk for a large Cognac house. It was here that he met a young woman by the name of Françoise-Elisabeth - the daughter of his employer - and shortly married her. Now a member of the family, Thomas was able to take his work to the next level to rapidly expand his father-in-law’s business, and in 1817 he finally renamed the company Thomas Hine & Co. Today, Hine is run by sixth-generation Company Director Bernard Hine, proudly carrying on the extraordinary talent and ingenuity of his ancestors. 

Presentation of the Bottle

Talent de Thomas Hine Cognac is served in a decorative crystal carafe signed by Baccarat, engraved all over with delicate grapevines and the signature Hine stag emblem. It is presented in a striking case hand-made from precious Macassar ebony and Honduras mahogany, individually numbered, and accompanied by four crystal tulip glasses designed by Bernard Hine. The case is also a functional cigar humidor, the final quirky touch to an exceptionally luxurious package.  

How to Enjoy Talent de Thomas Hine Cognac

The stunning presentation leaves no doubt as to how to enjoy this Cognac. The accompanying tulip glasses are perfect for appreciating its aromatic and sumptuous aromas; combine with a fine cigar for an experience of pure opulence.

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