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Decanter - Baccarat

Strength - 44% Vol.

Bottle № 1360

Number of bottles - 2000

Hennessy Timeless comes in a Baccarat Crystal decanter. The blend of Hennessy Timeless was made at the very end of the 20th century; the product stands as symbol for the famous trading house's future in the 21st century: The "assemblage" consists of 11 exclusive eaux-de-vie from the past 100 years. The Timeless edition is limited to 2000 bottles.Hennessy Timeless is a special cognac, which is made at the world famous Hennessy distillery. The plant owes its appearance to Richard Hennessey - the famous Irish aristocrat. It was in his honor that the distillery got its name. Richard was engaged in the manufacture of magnificent cognac, which very quickly gained popularity around the world. It is his company that is still engaged in the manufacture of elite drinks, which are very easy to recognize by their incomparable taste and original bottles. Hennessy Timeless is a collection of brandies. Its “highlight” is a special sweet taste without bitterness. This feature has arisen due to the special blend of Hennessy Timeless. The drink is based on eleven of the best spirits of the Hennessy house, which were created in the 20th century. After mixing, the finished brandy is stored for 40 years in old, previously used barrels. Thanks to this, the drink does not absorb oak bitterness. Another feature of Hennessy Timeless is that it is poured into unique rounded bottles, the inside of which is covered with a very thin layer of glass. The design was created by Thomas Bastide himself. Each brandy has its own individual number. Hennessy Timeless has a unique taste, so it is consumed only in its purest form.

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