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Decanter - Baccarat

Strength - 43,5% Vol.

Bottle № 743

Number of bottles - 2000

This extra special limited edition by Hennessy managed to secure a place in the top ten most expensive Cognacs of all time, and it's worth every penny. From its handmade Baccarat crystal glass carafe to its eaux-de-vie sourced from seven generations of master blenders, it is a celebration of Hennessy's savoir-faire in his purest yet most luxurious form.

Introduced in 2006, only 2000 bottles of this Prestige-aged Cognac have been produced, rendering it extremely rare and highly collectible to even the most demanding Cognac connoisseur. Following on from the success of its predecessor Hennessy Timeless, Ellipse has carved itself a place in Cognac history with its unique blend of eaux-de-vie, painstakingly selected to ensure the best balance of aromas, while still allowing each master blender to leave their mark with their own distinct eau-de-vie, representing both their generation and contribution to Hennessy's heritage and history.

All of Hennessy’s Cellar Masters are from the same family, the Filliouxs, who have passed their knowledge and expertise down from father to son for over two centuries, Cognac production is in their blood, with each generation leaving their own legacy to be continued by the next. Containing eaux-de-vie from as early as 1771, this is a Cognac for the most discerning drinker, for the most dedicated Cognac connoisseur.

Hennessy Ellipse is a drink whose incredible bouquet will undoubtedly amaze with its impeccable and strong taste. Only one sip of cognac can deliver incomparable pleasure. In his taste you can feel the incredible balance of sweet and bitter, strong and soft. Hennessy Ellipse is a blended cognac. This means that it is composed of various varieties of cognac spirits. For two hundred years, drinks for Hennessy Ellipse were hand-selected by seven generations of craftsmen of the famous Hennessy distillery. The result is an absolutely incredible cognac that impresses not only with its taste, but also with its design. Hennessy Ellipse is very easy to recognize, because it is poured into exclusive bottles, created by the famous designer Thomas Bastide. Each bottle is handmade and has its own individual number. And the seven hemispheres that can be seen on the bottle express seven unique spirits that are included in the blend of this drink. Cognac is slightly stronger than usual - Hennessy Ellipse contains 43.5% alcohol instead of the usual 40%. Nevertheless, its taste is quite mild. It is best to drink brandy undiluted. Hennessy Ellipse is good to serve as a digestif and combine with a good cigar.

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