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Decanter - Daum

Strength - 41% Vol.

Bottle № 35

Number of bottles - 40

When launching the first pitcher Perfection in 1981 with the collaboration of the crystal Daum, Jacques Hardy opened a new era: cognac and its decanter became objects containing very high fashion.

The second in the Essential Element series. "WORLDS OLDEST KNOWN UNBLENDED COGNAC!". Limited edition of only 40 bottles.

Hardy Perfection Series Fire, or Flamme has been bottled in a magnificent Daum crystal decanter. Each of the decanters are numbered and have proof of authenticity. The origin of the eaux-de-vie that makes this cognac rare and excellent dates back to the 1860's. Thinking of his family's founder, Antoine Hardy, gathered several different batches. This cognac comes from the area known today as Grande Champagne. Its grapes are composed of a 100% French Colombard and this eaux-de-vie is pure and unblended at a natural strength of 82 Proof. A rare cognac for those who demand the finest.

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