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Decanter - Atlantis

Strength - 40,6% Vol.

Bottle № 81

Number of bottles - 179

The Speyside's Glenrothes Whisky releases selected casks from the late 1960s and early 1970s at random intervals. These Glenrothes bottlings come on the market in very short runs. This bottling of Glenrothes # 10573, from the ex-bourbon barrel that was distilled on July 6, 1970, resulted in just 179 bottles, which were bottled in natural barrel strength with 40.6% vol. It is the Glenrothes Extraordinary 1970 Cask with 700 ml. And 40.6% vol. As usual for Glenrothes, the bottling comes with the tasting notes on the bottle. These were printed on the band on the neck, which is intended to underline the purism of the luxury decanter. In addition to the handwritten signature of Glenrothes Malt Master Gordon Motion and an individual numbering for each bottle.

The luxurious equipment of the exceptional bottling was designed by the London brandhouse design agency, whereby the designers followed the regular The Glenrothes bottle design. A hand-blown, facetted lead glass decanter contains this Single Cask Glenrothes. Each of these bottles was handmade in Portugal by the Atlantis Cristal company. The bottle is in a hand-made leather cassette that contains a solid base made of Scottish oak as a decorative element. To make this unique piece even more special, the bottle cap was made from the wood of the barrel with the number # 10573 in which the whisky was stored.

The Glenrothes 1970 was bottled on 04.04.2012 after 42 years of aging. 

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