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Type - Rose

Strength - 12.5% Vol.

Grape - Pinot Noir - 56%, Chardonnay - 44%

"Dom Perignon" Brut Rose Vintage, 2006 - absolutely magnificent wine, which is produced only in the unique crop year, the epitome of luxury, a symbol of irresistible seduction and sensuality. The wine matures for at least 8 years in the cellars of the winery.

Vintage 2006 - one of the most unusual in the history of Dom Perignon. This year was different incredible drought - especially in August, when the temperature was above the average for the entire month. Harvest was very early, but Richard Geoffroy - Head wineries Dom Perignon, who created so many memorable wines, decided to still take the risk and make a vintage champagne. And not lost, because the resulting small amount of harvest showed great quality and a rare maturity and vintage Brut 2006 is distinguished by its unusual character, richness and structure. "Dom Perignon" Rose Brut Vintage 2006 - Wine for the patient, the expected maturity is reached through 8-10 years of additional aging.

Champagne is named in honor of the French Benedictine monk named Dom Pérignon, who lived in the XVII century. It is he who has learned to tame the "devil's wine" and has done a lot for modern winemaking invented method extracts a bottle of champagne, assemblage and special narrow glasses ideal "foaming" champagne.
Champagne Dom Perignon, recognized worldwide for its unmatched quality and reputation, will be an unforgettable gift for any occasion and holiday!

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