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Decanter - Baccarat

Strength - 40% Vol.

Camus Michel Royale was created to honour the life of 3rd generation family member Michel Camus. This rare Cognac is presented in a Baccarat Crystal decanter.

This cognac is a secret blend, which included cognac spirits from the unique personal stock of the famous Michel Camus, a representative of the third generation of the cognac producer family. Camus Michel Royal is made in his honor. The deep, pure amber hue of the drink resembles old gold in color. Breathing in its stunning aroma, you will smell the delicate smell of spring violets, shades of moist earth and genuine leather. On the palate, Camus Michel Royale cognac is sweet-honey, refined and delicate, with a long pleasant aftertaste. This expensive drink is drunk little by little, because only moderate use contributes to a subtle understanding of its unique taste. The unique crystal decanter in which the drink of kings is presented is worthy of special attention.

The bottle has a personal invitation to visit Camus production.  

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